Day Eighteen – 30 Day Facebook Challenge

Tuesday 18th August 2015 – Day Eighteen Content – SeeMe (Attraction)


SeeMe or Attraction Content is the first type of content you need for your Facebook Page.  SeeMe Content has two very important purposes;

  • Firstly it will help you boost your engagement. It will give you lots of likes, comments and shares.  
  • Secondly, when people share your content it’s going to help you build your fan base for free.

When you get this content correct, not only are you boosting engagement but you are growing your fan base organically.  

The best way to create this content is to know absolutely everything you can about your ideal customer.  This content is just about them. Not You!

Who are your customers? What’s their lifestyle? What’s happening right now for them?

When they read the content they think to themselves (or maybe say out loud) “Yes, she actually gets me. She actually understands what I’m on about. I’m going to like or comment on this.”

And then of course some of them will click the ‘share’ button. They click share because they have friends/family/associates who are just like them and they know that they will love your content as well.

They might share it via their Personal Profile, their Business Page or what is happening more and more, is that people are tagging their friends in the comments below your content.

This provides your business instant recommendation from people they know, your existing fans are referring new fans to your business. Awesome right!?!

You can see from the examples above that neither of them are mentioning their products or services… They are focusing on their ideal client and what’s happening for them right now.

The recipe from The Organised Housewife has 43 shares. Her audience can’t help but share this with their friends.


The quote from Cake 2 The Rescue, that was perfectly timed to reach mum’s on a Friday night (who are clearly ready for a glass of wine), not only had 15 shares but her fans were tagging their friends in the comments below.

wine quote

Not only have both these Pages increased their engagement (and reach) from their content but they have reached more people due to their audience sharing and tagging their content.

What SeeMe content can you share? Let me know on Facebook and of course let me know if you have any questions.