Day Twenty – 30 Day Facebook Challenge

Thursday 20th August 2015 – Day Twenty EngageMe (Interaction) Content


EngageMe or interaction content is the third type of content you need to know about.  The good news about EngageMe content is that both SeeMe and BelieveMe content can also be EngageMe content.

EngageMe content is important for two very important reasons.  

Firstly, we know on Facebook that interaction – likes, comments and shares (and even reading, as Facebook takes into account the time someone spends on a post) contribute to news feed rankings. The more of these that your content has, the more Facebook will show others within the news feed.

When users interact with your content Facebook says “this content is actually relevant to this person, I’ll show them more of it”. Based on this interaction, Facebook will show more of your content to your existing fans. Therefore overall, more engagement on your posts, contributes to more reach.

Secondly, when a user interacts with your content, they are taking an action with you and your business. They are liking or commenting, etc. They are building up a relationship and feel more comfortable with you.

They are taking action with your business on a platform (Facebook), that they already feel comfortable with. So when you ask them to take a bigger action, e.g. visit your website, give them your email address or maybe even your credit card, they feel more comfortable taking that action as they have already taken action with you previously (on Facebook).

Just like the other types of content, you have to keep your audience in mind. Different audiences will interact and engage with different types of content.  

I know for my audience, they love to share their opinions and let me know what they think. So questions work really well. I’ve also found that when you share more of ‘you’ your engagement skyrockets. They love images of my son, Max or behind the scenes business information.

However for your audience it might be asking them to click ‘like’ or fill in the blank. Play around with a few different options and see what resonates.

The main thing you really need though is to understand who your audience is and what’s more in appealing and interesting to them.

In these examples from Christian Louboutin you can see the “fill in the blank” generates lots of engagement with around 500 or more comments each time.

CL Blank 2

CL Blank 3

Denise Duffield-Thomas also generates lots of engagement on her page by asking her audience questions such as this one below;

DDT - Question

So far this post has generated 74 comments and 24 likes from a relevantly simple question.

What EngageMe Content are you going to try with your audience? What have you tried in the past? Let me know on Facebook