Day Twenty One – 30 Day Facebook Challenge

Friday 21st August 2015 – Day Twenty One – PayMe (Converting Content)


The final type of content you need to know about is PayMe or converting content. Often when people start on Facebook they either just focus on engagement and never ask for the sale, or they are only about the sale and forget to build a relationship first. The beauty of my content formula is you are sharing a nice mix of relationship building and allowing you to make money from Facebook.

When crafting this content I want you to remember what Facebook is. Facebook is a social platform.  No one wakes up in the morning saying, “Gee, I can’t wait to see what I can buy on Facebook today.”

We are on Facebook to interact with our friends, family and brands we care about. Often not to buy. For 99.9% of businesses we’re not selling directly on Facebook. It’s not what the platform was designed for.  Therefore, your PayMe content should be moving people to the next steps within your business.  

These next steps are based on your original sales process.  Do you want people to visit your website, call your office or sign up for your free offer?  Determine what this is and then craft your content accordingly.

In the example below Michelle Bridges is running a competition. And of course to enter you have to provide your name and email, which is building her database. From there you will be hearing about her membership site.

MB PayMe

I’ve also showed shared this example from AJL With Love – a small handmade business.


In this example they are offering a very low cost product – $10 for direct sale. I’m sharing this example as I actually purchased from this store, however it was a more involved process for both of us. There wasn’t any indication about how to buy or postage cost etc. I asked questions on the post and then had to send a message, make payment with Paypal etc.  Compared to sending someone directly to a shopping cart where it would handle the whole transaction. I often wonder how many more sales would they be able to get if they directed people to a shopping cart and people didn’t have to ask how to purchase.

The type of products/services you provide will determine if you can sell directly on Facebook and remember for most business owners you can’t.  Even in the above example… if something was to happen to her business page she wouldn’t have any of her clients contact details, which means her business would be gone overnight. Moving people to your own website and through your sales process is always going to be the best option for the long term success of your business.

What PayMe content can you use? Let me know on Facebook