Day Twenty Four – 30 Day Facebook Challenge

Monday 24th August 2015  – Day Twenty Four Education & Work


When talking about Facebook for business, many people forget about their personal profile and the roles it plays. Each day when you have been completely your daily tasks and posting my Facebook Page mostly this has been done with your personal profile. Yes?

I estimate that about 90% of the interaction on my business page is done via personal profiles however only about 10% of these personal profiles are optimised to provide the business owner any business.  

In my Facebook training – Your FB Marketing Made Easy  – I dedicated a whole module to your personal profile and it’s an important part of your overall Facebook business strategy, however many people don’t realise this.

One such area I focus on your Education & Work Section. If I find your profile on a business page post or in a group often I want to know more about you and your business.  I click on your profile name and can’t find anything…

I’ve got no idea how to connect with you other than becoming your friend on Facebook… and that’s not what either of us want.

To combat this you need to update your Education and Work section with a direct link to your Business Page and make this public in the privacy settings. This way when someone is looking over your personal profile they can connect with you on your business page.

This area is a prove way to dramatically increase your fans and it’s so simple to set up.

From your “About” section on your profile click on Education & Work


Click on “Add a workplace” and enter your Page Name (exactly as your Page Name is). It should then come up in the drop down menu, click on it and your page is linked.

add workplace

Complete the rest of the details and ensure the privacy (next to the save changes button) is set to public.

Now when people visit your profile, they can learn about your business and connect with your Page.

Do you have your profile and your page linked? Let me know on Facebook