Day Twenty Five – 30 Day Facebook Challenge

Tuesday 25th August 2015 – Day Twenty Five – Add a Facebook Page Plugin (previously Like Box) To Your Website


These days it’s hard to find a website which doesn’t include the social media icons asking you to connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn + Pinterest.  Leveraging your existing website traffic is an awesome way to increase your Facebook fans if you do it correctly.  

What’s the correct way?

Using a Facebook Page Plugin.

A Facebook Page Plugin is the only way can get new fans from your website without them leaving your website. To add the Facebook Page Plugin to your website, follow the instructions below. You might need some help from your web designer or developer if you are unable to access your website.

  1. Navigate to


  1. Enter your Page URL in the box provided and customise the other options to your preference

Page Plugin

  1. Click on ‘Get Code’ and then add this code to your website (or send it to your web developers) for them to install for you. The code needs to be added to two places on your website, so I recommend getting your developer to do this for you.

Do you have a Facebook Page Plugin (or Like Box) on your website? Let me know on Facebook