Day Twenty Six – 30 Day Facebook Challenge

Wednesday 26th August 2015 – Day Twenty Six Connect With Your Target Market


One of the coolest features of Facebook is that you can use your Facebook Page and interact with other Pages. When using this feature on Facebook, all your posts on the other Pages are displayed from your Page (instead of your Profile).  If you are actively participating in conversations on other Pages a certain percentage of users will resonate with your comments and want to check out your Page – instant new likers.

In order for this strategy to work best you must be hanging out on other Pages where your target market is. Using Facebook search, find at least 5 other business Pages where your target market is and spend 10 minutes per day interacting and joining in these conversations.

Firstly to find 5 other Pages where your audience is follow the instructions below;

1. Using the search bar at the top of your screen enter the following phrase

“Pages Liked By People Who Like [Enter Your Page Name]”

graph search

2. From the list provided decide which Pages are the best fit for you and focus on connecting with your audience there.

search results

3. To make sure you are commenting as your Page, click on the blue arrow in the top right corner of your account, from the drop down menu, select your Page name. You are now using Facebook As Your Page. Find these Pages again and click the Like button.

Blue drop down

4. When you like or comment on these posts they will come up from your Page and not your Profile.

commenting from your page

What Pages did you find where your audience are? Let me know your findings on Facebook