Day Twenty Seven – 30 Day Facebook Challenge

Thursday 27th August 2015 – Day Twenty Seven More Likes from Your Likes


Did you know that not everyone who likes your content is actually a liker (or fan) on your Facebook Page? A few years ago, Facebook changed, and allowed any Facebook user to interact with your content.

However your content is only shown in the news feed to those people who have clicked the “like” button on your Page and become a fan.

It makes sense then, that you want those who are interacting with your content to be your fans as well.

Here is how you can get more likes from your likes (cute title huh?)

Scroll through your Page until you find a post that has multiple likes. For this to work you must see the”and x others” like this. As shown in the picture below.

likers others
If you see only names (as per this example). Then it’s not possible.

likers single

Once you have found the post click on the “x others” and you will the following pop up.

likers list

From here you can see who likes your pages and who doesn’t.  For those who don’t. Click on the ‘invite’ button next to there name. Facebook will send them a notification to like your page.

Free new Like. Very Cool Huh?

You might see that you can’t invite everyone or they don’t have a button next to them. We aren’t 100% sure why this is. Probably due to their privacy settings. Therefore just focus on those you can invite.

Did you know about this free way to get new likers? Let me know on Facebook