Day Thirty One – 30 Day Facebook Challenge

Monday 31st August 2015 – Day Thirty One Post Challenge Checklist


WooHoo You made it! Congratulations on completing the 30 Day Facebook Challenge.  Your last activity is to record your final results on your Post Challenge Checklist. I would love to see your improvements. Share your numbers with me on Facebook.

To find the figures you need to follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to your Page and click on “Insights”

Page Header

2. Record the first three numbers listed in the “Overview” section onto your 30 Day Facebook Challenge Pre, During & Post Checklist that you downloaded when you first signed up.

Looking at the image below, we would record Total Page Likes: 11,327, Total Post Reach: 14,146 and People Engaged: 717.


3. Click on “Likes”


4. Scroll down and record next to “Top Like Source” your top Like source from the “Where Your Page Likes Happened” section

Like sources

5. Click On Posts


6. Record the time when most of your fans are online

When Fans Online

Once you have completed this task, comment “done” on this Facebook Post and share with me your results.